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Boss DS-1 Distortion Supreme Mod Kit for DS1

Boss DS-1 Distortion Supreme Mod Kit for DS1
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Boss DS-1 Distortion Supreme Mod Kit for DS1

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  • Boutique tone for a bargain price!

  • High Quality Audio-Grade Components


This is not called the supreme mod kit for nothing. Included are detailed instructions, including photos, and all the parts to voice your DS-1 for 5 different styles including the Supreme Germanium Mod with Vintage 1n34A Germanium Diodes. This Supreme mod takes things one step further and replaces just about every cap in your signal path with high quality Film or Non-Polarized Electrolytics. Nothing says underdog like a Boss DS-1, but with a little help from Fromel Electronics, weve transformed this wimpy runt into a snarling beast.

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4Boss DS-1 Fromel mod kit  Aug 31, 2011 By Mike Stearman
The idea of modifying a Boss effect came from the realization that these pedals are made in mass quantities with the cheapest components that "work". That said, installing the Fromel kit takes a little time and patience pulling the parts you want to change from the board and installing the replacements. The instructions are clear, and I believe the result is worth it. Just reducing the "hiss" level is worth it. I believe the pedal produces a smoother effect, and the volume control has more range.

Distortion pedals, by their very nature, are "noisy". Run the gain somewhere under the 2 o'clock mark at most. Remember, this pedal isn't going to make you play any better! It may, in fact, make it more clear that you need to practice those riffs! Also, when you use this pedal along with others, use a noise gate (Boss makes the NS-1?). You will hear cutoff in the noise after you quit playing, and you won't hear it when you play. of course.

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5Very nice mod for a good price.  Apr 21, 2013 By J. Siers "thedeserthighwayband"
I ordered this kit last week and got it in the mail today. Went to the studio and got my DS-1 and decided that I was going to take the plunge. Before the mod my trusty pedal left a lot to be desired. I don't play a style of music that demands high gain or gee-whiz distortion, but when i need to burn it up I need that capability. I have had my old model DS-1 for quite some time and had grown out of the sound. The sound in question was thin, tinny, and gutless and I had considered dropping my old faithful friend in favor of something else. An hour or so later it has a lot more headroom, loads more gain, and more volume. It just sounds better.

It comes with enough parts to do a number of mods to the pedal, and with instructions for each. If you're good with a soldering iron and know the basics of electronics this is a pretty straightforward project. If you have never picked up an iron I wouldn't recommend starting with this. As I have seen in a couple of reviews, this is not a complete pedal (hence the word KIT...duh). It will not turn you from a bedroom jammer to a guitar god, only long hours of practice will do that. What it will do it change the sound of the DS-1 from the sonic equivalent of nails on a blackboard to a very adjustable tone machine.

Overall, I'm glad I did this mod. It's cheap, easy, and makes me proud to own a DS-1 again.

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5Mod Kit for DS-1  Mar 03, 2013 By Kevin Anderson
Great! Excellent sounds!!! Like a Keely modified pedal, and much, much, more... This kit Rocks! A standard DS-1 is not much in its original form, this changes the game. Must be good with a soldering iron.

5This Thing is a Tone Monster!  Feb 20, 2015 By R. Brooks
So I bought a stock DS-1 after playing it through a tube amp on a pretty nice guitar at a local music shop a while back, and after getting it home and realizing that nice sound was more the tube amp and expensive guitar than the pedal, took to the internet to see what could be done about it. I have no electronics experience, I've soldered a thing or two, just not on a circuit board, but after looking at the well written instructions(There are 5 or 6 mods to choose from, with the easiest requiring only a couple of changes, to the supreme mod where about 20 caps and diodes are replaced, I chose the latter), and about an hour later it's like I caught that tube sound in the pedal!

Seriously, the tone on this sucker is just a huge improvement, and the distortion knob now has an edge to it, with lots of nice bite with the tone turned down, or conversely with the tone at half mast and the distortion down you get a sweet bluesy sound. This thing is a classic/hard rock golden chalice. The Stones, Led Zepp, Jeff Beck, Cream, if those are your beat, then this pedal mod is what you NEED! All I used what a cheapo soldering iron and needle nose pliers to help position the capacitors into place along with some 60/40 .031 solder. Worked like a charm. Just, seriously, buy this mod already.

5Turned My Pedal Into A Beast  Sep 16, 2014 By B. Smothers
This mod kit turned my DS-1 into a roaring beast. I bought a used pedal a couple of weeks ago and really didn't care for it at all. Kept getting volume drops during playing and would have to turn it off and back on to keep it from dropping during solos. Saw this kit and decided to give it a try. The description says 5 different mods you can do with the kit but the instruction sheet has 9. From simple to supreme. I did the supreme mod. I am not the greatest solderer so it took me about 2 hours to do it all. I started by checking every piece I replaced, plugged it into guitar/amp, to make sure it worked before moving ahead. Then it went to 2 pieces, then 3 and then 4. Really is time consuming when you try each replacement. Anyway I am not an electronics genius nor a professional soldering guru and I made it through the mod and surprisingly it works. The pedal is almost like another overdrive now with the distortion turned off. That is how much more volume this gave mine. Worthwhile project and if you have basic soldering skills and the equipment give it a shot. Your modded DS-1 will surprise you.

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